Skype for Business Adds Voice

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Microsoft’s Office 365 Lync client has been up and running for several years now, providing Instant messaging, presence and video and Audio conferencing.  But voice has been noticeably absent. A few years ago in a halfhearted attempt,  Microsoft partnered with telecom companies, especially in Europe, to try and piece together some kind of cloud voice offering. It unceremoniously tanked. Then …

SIP Trunks and IVR

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The process of procuring an IVR system is arduous enough, but then you have to trunk it. What? If you IVR is going to sit at your facility, you’ll need phone lines to feed it. There are a few ways to do this: 1. Order “legacy” PSTN service from your telco provider. An example would be ordering an ISDN/PRI circuit …

Coming to an IVR Near You: WebRTC

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WebRTC is no doubt one of the hottest topics in the area of Unified Communications (UC). WebRTC enables users to communicate with each other via browser, without having to install any software. So what, right? What about Skype? Lync? Google Hangouts? Isn’t this functionality already available? Well, not really. With WebRTC you don’t need any other vendors. It completely frees …

HP and Avaya Teaming up to Host Call Centers?

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Seriously? How much is all this going to cost? Avaya and HP have decided to join forces to provide a combined mix of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaas), Contact Center as a Service (CaaS), and something called infrastructure modernizing services, which I guess means you need new gear if we’re going to host your call center. It also means …

IVR Warehouse, a Division of DiRAD Technologies

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DiRAD’s IVR Warehouse is marking its 5th year of providing custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions to commercial entities throughout the US.  IVR Warehouse caters to businesses who are in need of custom voice automation, at a price that is extremely competitive given the marketplace. “Our competitive strength comes from using software that our parent company (DiRAD) designed”, said John Michne, …

Get Azure, We’ll Throw in the Geeks

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Many companies that consider cloud hosting are only looking at the “first line” benefits of cloud: no capital costs, pay for what you use, no upgrades, and supposedly SLAs with lots of nines in them.  But know one thinks about the huge hidden benefit: The backing of a huge company with lots of very smart people that help keep that cloud …

Azure is PCI Compliant

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Any company who processes lots of credit cards via web or mobile can attest to the fact that attaining Payment Card Industry (PCI) security compliance is very expensive. As a matter of fact, there are entire companies dedicated to helping other companies get compliant. They’re PCI “navigators,” if you will. PCI Compliance looks at servers, services, people, data in motion, …

5 Copies of Office Per Person

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Did you know that with Office 365, you are licensed for (5) copies of the software? This means go ahead and put it on your work PC, laptop, home PC, home tablet, and significant other’s iPad.