Stoicism for the Stressed-Out Agent

John M. News Leave a Comment

When agents and supervisors have to handle difficult calls, it can be extremely stressful. Getting beaten up by callers on a daily basis not only affects mental health, but also increases secretion of a stress hormone called Cortisol. This is the same hormone released during the “fight or flight” response. At sustained high levels, cortisol will tear your body down. To fight this condition and extend your life without drugs or alcohol, try an ancient philosophy called Stoicism. Really? Philosophy and call centers? Yes. Call centers (especially those with high turnover) can be stress factories, chewing up and spitting out agents on an almost daily basis. Stoicism can help people take control of their reactions to stressful events, thereby dramatically reducing stress — and ultimately increasing retention. To learn about Stoicism, click here to get started.

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