Voice, Web and Mobile Solutions for government

DiRAD provides innovative, cost-effective solutions that enable accessible, 24×7 public services across multiple channels.

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Headquartered in Albany, NY We work with clients that have locations across the state and across the country

Facing Public Sector
Communication Challenges
of Today

With budgets getting smaller and smaller, and the rate of diverse communications needs of consumers growing faster and faster, government-funded entities are being forced to get creative in their efforts to meet customer requirements in cost-effective ways.

Offer round-the-clock service without round-the-clock staff

From millennials to senior citizens, constituents have come to expect 24/7 government services. Find out how to offer more for less.

Provide cross-channel, real time access for all devices

Customers shouldn’t be restricted to just one or two channels of communication. Find out how you can get to that next level.

Increase accountability and customer satisfaction

Rather than build walls between you and your customers, DiRAD helps you tear them down.

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Interactive Voice Response

This isn’t your mom’s IVR. Find out the creative ways organizations are leveraging mobile and VoIP to provide 24/7 services.

DiRAD IVR Solutions

Improve customer service, minimize risk, manage growth and respond 24×7.

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Contact Center Solutions

DiRAD contact center customers are some of the largest government agencies in the US. We share our expertise, and your sense of urgency, to professionalize your customer service organization.

Right Solution for You

DiRAD provides both cloud and premise-based solutions for any size organization.

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Cloud-Based IP/PBX

Shrink your telecommunications budget dramatically, reduce overhead, and get old-school service.

ConnectRT From DiRAD

DiRAD's powerful new communications platform.

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Mobile Applications

Government deployments present new challenges for IT governance, compliance, privacy and security. Leverage DiRAD’s 30 years of backend integration experience to provide secure mobile access to your data.

Take Advantage of Mobile

DiRAD can help you develop and deploy mobile applications that support your operations.

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Interactive Intelligence Acquisition

As many of you know, Genesys recently entered into a definitive agreement to purchase Interactive Intelligence, a long-time partner of DiRAD. Some of our customers have asked what that means for the future of the platform. Our answer? Genesys purchased Interactive primarily for the platform’s mid-market appeal. It’s the best thing that could happen, in that Interactive Intelligence (the mid-market ...

DeepMind’s New Speech Tech Holds Promise for the Future of IVR

Tech company DeepMind is using their artificial intelligence and machine learning chops to improve the quality of computer generated speech, with implications for customization and dynamism of IVR and other automated systems. When a customer calls in to your auto attendant, you want them to feel comfortable, and certainly be able to understand the information being relayed to them. By ...

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